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Across most of Patagonia, the principal threats to native herbivores are habitat degradation due to overgrazing by livestock, competition for resources with livestock, and poaching.  Guanacos are killed by poachers for meat and sport, and some landowners allow people from the cities to hunt guanacos at their properties in order to reduce numbers. Occasionally, guanacos are killed by herders for meat or to feed the shepherd dogs. Darwin’s rheas are killed by poachers and herders for meat, and their eggs are collected for consumption. Although not commonly identified by ranchers as a pest species, maras are poached for consumption as food. Adult maras are killed with guns or wire snares and pups are caught in nets when coming outside the dens.

Fotografía: © Dario Podesta

The principal threat to carnivores is hunting, both retaliatory killing or to prevent predation or presumed predation on domestic animals, especially on lambs. The largest predators such as pumas and the culpeo fox are chased and killed when their presence is detected. Some rural workers kill the smaller cats, believing that they prey on lambs, although this has not been confirmed. Also, a common practice to kill predators is to spread poisoned meat which kills not only carnivores but also the birds of prey, armadillos and scavengers.

The MPV concept is based on the coexistence between sheep ranching for wool production and healthy wildlife populations. We work to reach responsible standards, accounting for the sustainable use of the grasslands in coexistence with the native herbivores; and protecting our sheep by using non-lethal methods to control the native predators.

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